Start a Steel Drum Band in Your School

More and more schools across the country are implementing steel drum bands into their school’s music program as a way of increasing student engagement and performance attendance.

Students love the sound, but what they really enjoy is the “cool” factor that comes along with being a part of the school’s steel drum band.

Plus, parents and members of the community love steel drum performances. If your music program is having problems with attendance or if you want to try something new to freshen it up, a steel drum ensemble is the perfect way to bring energy, recognition, and a beautiful island sound to your school’s music program!

Steel Drums Unlimited for everything you need

Steel Drums Unlimited is a premier seller of steel pan instruments ranging from beginner to professional grade. We work with both American and Trinidad suppliers of drums to put together a package that will get the most students playing in your school.

American drums

Our American steel drums are individually created and tuned by hand by Glenn Rowsey. This professional steel pan builder and tuner was trained by the inventor of the steelpan, Ellie Manette, himself.

Trinidad drums

Imported drums from Trinidad are great if you are working with a limited budget. Each drum is imported, then tuned professionally by one of the best steel drum tuners in the world, Glenn Rowsey. Trinidad drums can be chrome finished or powder coated.

Small budget? No problem!

Steel Drums Unlimited will work within your school’s budget to create a program that meets your specific needs and gets the most kids playing this fun and unique instrument. We’ve built relationships with a variety of suppliers of instruments, stands, and cases so we can assemble the perfect package for your school.

Ensemble Requirements:

Depending on your school’s needs, your steel drum ensemble can vary widely in size. Every school is unique, so we will work with you to build a program that meets your school’s demands.

We start by getting a clear understanding of your school’s situation then work to create a package that will get the most students playing high-quality instruments with your school’s budget in mind.

For example, if you anticipate only a small ensemble to start, but want a little room for growth, we might recommend a package that includes one bass set, one triple set, one double seconds set, and a few lead drums so you can quickly add more leads to accommodate for growth. If you think you will have a large ensemble but have a tight budget, we will recommend a package consisting of Trinidad drums to help lower costs. We can include more lead drums than bass and triple sets to further reduce costs.

Get started:

You probably have a few questions: How will we begin to teach this instrument to our students? How do I get approval from the principal and school district?

Well we are here to help. Fill out the form, and a representative will be in contact with you to answer all your questions and put together a program that works for your school.

School Steel Drum Band