My interest in steel drums began in 2003 when I spent six months in the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, meeting people and learning about their history. The stories of their famous Carnival celebrations led to my interest in Trinidad’s invention and evolution of steel drums. The unique sound of these instruments reflects the culture and resourcefulness of people who created music out of adversity.

While in Trinidad, I experienced how to hand build steel drums by working alongside craftsmen like Barry Yates, of the Renegades Steel Band, and his team. I became good friends with several fine steel drum builders and tuners, who currently manage teams in the islands and the U.S. to supply Steel Drums Unlimited.

We hand build our drums from start to finish. We source the raw materials, then sink, groove, fire and professionally tune the instruments to provide you with an authentic steel drum sound and experience.

Located in Morgantown, West Virginia, we serve customers from all over the world.  We are happy to answer your questions or discuss your options, just call us at +1 (304) 291-6022.

Thank you for visiting Steel Drums Unlimited,

Andrew White